CSz St. Louis Offers Fun Improv Workshops for Students

Improv workshops are great learning opportunities for students. Have us at your next school Event! This is what Triad School District teacher Kim Gremaud had to say about our May 16th Workshop:

“…many of the kids said it was the best field trip ever which I have never had before. Some of those kids are pretty critical too.  Overall, I thought it was great. From talking to parents and the other teachers, everyone was really impressed. I loved how it pulled kids out of their comfort zones. Many of the kids were willing to take risks in front of their peers which is not easy for a middle schooler. I saw different sides of kids that I didn't expect from their personality in the classroom.”

There were at least 60 kids and about 10 adult volunteers and teachers. Everyone participated and had a blast. Contact Mike McGuire 314 707- 4780 or at CSzSTLouis@gmail.com for more info

Mike McGuire