ComedySportz Auditions (Major & Minor leagues)

February 9th, 2019 @ 3 pm
Sugar Cubed (2nd Floor) 917 S Main St., St Charles, Mo., 63301

No tickets sold for auditions, you just need to register HERE

Auditions for major & minor leagues - (AGES: 18 OR OLDER)

What to expect at the audition: Participants will play some improv games and do some scene work and learn about ComedySportz.

We play and practice 100 percent clean.

Major & Minor league matches:

-The Minor league will meet at Pat's (Pat Connolly Tavern, 6400 Oakland, St Louis, Mo., 63139) twice a month on Mondays and will have a monthly match. The minor leagues will be run and organized by Mike Neuman.

-The Major leagues have weekly matches, private shows at the Sugar Cubed (917 S Main St., St Charles, Mo., 63301).

ComedySportz is clean, outrageously funny Improv, like you've seen on Whose Line Is It Anyway, played like a sport. It’s the perfect Combo of funny and Sports creating an explosion of laughter and competition on stage.

It's 100 percent clean comedy and always a blast!!!

Mike McGuire or Mike Neuman.