CSz Business Team Building Workshops Turn the Uncomfortable Around!

How much is your team actually growing personally through the team building activities you're currently doing?  Are bowling outings and dinners out helping your players get out of their heads and feel more comfortable with themselves?

Improv workshops help each individual grow and learn to trust his or her instincts.   We all can be better but we allow fear of judgement to get in our way.  The worst part of it is the judgement is usually from ourselves.  If we talked to others the way we treated ourselves, many of us wouldn't have friends or be able to keep a job for long.  

A more confident team member will be better for everyone!

The Yes And Principles of improv will help your team members grow and develop personally. We would love to come to your place--or you can come to ours--for a  Business Improv workshop. 

 For more information about having us at your next sales meeting or event, please contact Mike McGuire, CSz St Louis manager, for more information: 314-707-4780 or email at cszstlouis@gmail.com   



Mike McGuire