The only rule is that there are no rules.
— Del Close

Want to play Improv?

We’d love to have you!   
We have a weekly improv workshop offered throughout the year.  Improv is the ultimate way to grow personally and have a blast at the same time!

What is Improv?
Improvisation, or improv, sets up a safe, fun environment for a person to undergo experiential self-directed learning.

Some benefits of learning improv:

Increased Confidence.

Improved Public Speaking Skills.

Enhanced Acting Abilities.

Gained Comfort in Social Settings.

Refined Brainstorming Abilities.

Improved Listening and Observation Skills.


Upcoming Classes:

Sundays: OCTOBER 21st THRU NOVEMBER 18th.

CSZ 101 INTRO TO IMPROV |  12:30 p.m - 2:30 p.m. | 4 week class
Instructor: Mike Neuman

Sundays:  OCTOBER 21st THRU NOVEMBER 18th

CSZ 202 INTERMEDIATE IMPROV CLASS |  3 p.m - 5 p.m. | 4 week class
Instructor: Mike Neuman

About Intro to Improv:

Are you looking for a fun and creative way to connect with others? Whether you’re an introvert or craving the spotlight, improv is a great way to learn to be in the moment, listen and share, and create on the spot. This class will help you practice the basic rules of improv, while learning games to prepare you for future performances. Beginners will feel welcomed and supported while even experienced improvisers will get to polish their craft


$125 for the 4 - week class.

$75 for students (Anyone who has ever taken an improv workshop or class qualifies whether it was yesterday of 50 years ago.  Also applies to anyone enrolled in any class or school of any kind)

About Intermediate Improv:

If you’ve completed successfully CSZ 101 Intro to Improv class and want to continue learning and developing your Improv skills, then…This class is for you!!!


$75 for the 4 - week class.

About Your Instructor:

Mike Neuman is a member of CSz St Louis and is on the ComedySportz team as a player and referee, teacher and coach. He is a St. Louis-based instructor and improviser. He has been learning and performing improv for eight years, and has taught improv comedy to teens and adults (including senior citizens). He has worked as an instructor at the Improv Trick-St. Louis, Mike McGuire’s Improv Fun and Games, St. Louis Comedy Connection, Comedy Cabaret, Twisted Improv (via Kirkwood Theatre Guild) and at community organizations on behalf of Compass Improv, a 501(c)3 organization. Mike offers corporate team-building workshops using improv. He has trained under improv notables such as Bill Chott (of Improv Trick), Jill Bernard, Padraic Connelly, David Koechner, Laura Hall (from "Whose Line Is It Anyway?") and more. Mike is also a graduate of the Improv Shop. And he likes pie



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